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vacate cleaning brisbaneIf you have ever moved before, then you know just how tiring and frustrating the whole process can be. If you are a tenant, renting out a home, most probably you have a considerable amount of money held by your landlord in the form of a damage deposit. It is hard to find the energy and motivation, however, to get down to the final end of lease cleaning job that can help you get some of your money refunded. Instead of winging it, call on our professional services to get the job done for you. We will clean up any mess and help you get your money back.

Apart from the fact that you are losing money, leaving your deposit behind can backfire in the future, as you may get a poor reference for future rentals. House Cleaning Brisbane is here to help you out with your move out as well as your move in cleaning when you most need it. Call us up today and find out more about what we can do to help you.

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We Know What Landlords Want

For more than two decades, we have been providing expert end of lease cleaning services to both commercial and private clients in Brisbane and the surrounding areas. That is why we understand perfectly just how crucial it is to have a spotless home to show to potential tenants. We work closely with landlords and property managers so we know exactly what areas require the most focus and work. We have developed a basic cleaning offer which includes the main jobs that need be house cleaning teamdone most often. Additionally, we will let you know about more complex jobs or repairs that need to be done in case we notice anything during our walk-through.

Basic Move Out Cleaning Package Includes:

• Floor Washing
• Vacuum Cleaning
• Interior Window Cleansing
• Ceiling Light Cleaning
• Fridge Washing
• Dust Removal
• Sweeping Jobs
• Bathroom Appliance Cleaning

*Prices depend on size, square footage, as well as amount of windows, appliances, etc.

Hotline: (07) 3041 1920

Walk Through Referrals

Our experts are trained and have all the necessary knowledge about damage deposits and bond refunds. During the primary inspection of your home we will bring to light any problems and damages that may affect your refund. We work closely with other professional services who provide more extensive repair services. That is why we are always happy to recommend the best possible specialists to help in major repairs.

Additional Service Options:

• Curtain Washing
• Exterior Window Washing
• Paint Jobs
• Outdoor Oil Stain Removal
• Pest Infestations
• Steam Treatment for Carpets, etc.
• Minor repairs

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Over our many years of operating in Brisbane and the surrounding districts, we have gained a loyal client base and reputation for being the top cleaning service provider in the area. We continue to grow on our clients by always doing the best job possible. We are flexible, punctual and our employees are friendly, trustworthy professionals. Each and every worker must undergo extensive background checks so that your safety is ensured. Additionally, we ensure our employees so that damage to your property is not an option. Call us today and find out more.

Hotline: (07) 3041 1920

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