Let Us Handle Your Bathroom Cleaning

toilet cleaningThere are probably a hundred things you would prefer to do, then getting down to scrubbing your bathroom clean after a long day at work. Unfortunately, bathrooms need to be kept sanitary and clean for a number of reasons, most of all to avoid mold growth and bacteria. House Cleaning Brisbane is here to take over this not-so-pleasant job. We are professionals in our area, and with years of experience, and many satisfied and loyal customers, it’s safe to say, you couldn’t make a better choice when it comes to cleaning services.

Call us today and we will set a time that is good for you. We are flexible and willing to help at any time of the day. Our team of employees is fully qualified and trustworthy. We treat every client and home with due respect. Cleaning your bathroom no longer has to be that one thing you dread about Saturday morning. From now on, rely on our team of experts to do that nasty job for you, Call us up today and find out yourself how easy it really is!

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Cleaning Services

Our expert team is always prepared to take on any challenges they may find in a bathroom. Among others, we offer the following services:

bathroom cleaning• Thorough toilet cleaning – this includes disinfection
• Washing and disinfection of tubs and showers. Getting rid of excess hair and soap particles caught in and around your drain.
• Sink cleaning – wiping, dusting and disinfecting
• Top quality mirror washing – we leave your mirrors spotless
• Floor washing ( sweeping and mopping)
• Toilet paper and soap replenishment if required
• Other services, as required

Natural Cleaning

green home cleaningWe offer our clients our proposed of eco-friendly cleaning agents, however we will gladly use your choice of favorite cleaning products. We will hear you out to find out what exactly you want done and then get to work on making your bathroom spotless and new looking. We will clean up any mess, unclog drains, and leave you feeling comfortable and ultimately satisfied. Our experts care about your personal needs and that is why we are always ready to adjust our cleaning methods to make sure you are completely satisfied. Feel free to offer us any suggestions or advice when it comes to cleaning out your home.


Your bathroom is, of course, one of the most used rooms in your home. This means that it requires a special amount of attention when it comes to regular cleaning. When neglected, bathroom can quickly become dirty and bacteria-infested. They are in ideal place for mold to grow, due to the constant moist environment. These problems are better avoided than dealt with later on. Save yourself time and get set up for a regular housekeeping service on a schedule. Whether it’s kitchen cleaning or floor cleaning or whatever cleaning service you want us to take care of, we are ready to tackle those for you. Call us now to discuss the price and extent of cleaning you need done. We will get to it as fast as possible. Whether you are interested in a one-time through cleaning or regular services, you can count on us to get it done properly.

Hotline: (07) 3041 1920

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