Kitchen Cleaning for the Discriminating Home Owner

At House Cleaning Brisbane, you will find a wide variety of services, which include tile treatment, spring-cleaning, housekeeping and bathroom cleaning. Our offer is open to both retail and business clients. Whatever the job happens to be, we take it on with a professional approach. We are experts in our field and we guarantee all of our team members are driven, hardworking and honest. Kitchen can be quite hassle to clean especially for those of you who cannot simply find the time to get around to major cleaning. This is where we step in and do it for you.

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Our experts go by the residential kitchen checklist to make sure every area of your kitchen is spotless:

• Thorough cleaning underneath and around kitchen tools and appliances
• Scrubbing refrigerator coils and wires
• Microwave scrub downs
kitchen cleaning services• Tending to lights
• Range Hood maintenance
• Cleaning cupboards
• Washing the tops of your counters
• Floor washing
• Baseboard cleaning
• Wall washing
• Sanitizing sinks

When it comes to our commercial clients, we additionally offer:

• Cleaning walk in cooler and freezers
• Thorough cleansing of grease traps
• Fan cleaning
• Repairing and replacing filters
• Grill washing
• Cleaning out floor drains
• Tending to dish washers

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Apart from the standard offer, we also encourage our commercial and domestic clients to take advantage of our special annual, biannual or quarterly kitchen cleaning:

Quarterly or annual kitchen cleaning tasks:

• Cabinet shelves*
• Cleaning refrigerators and freezers *
• Removing debris from drains
• Drip pans
• Ceiling maintenance
• Exhaust ducting

* Prices can vary depending on the size

Hotline: (07) 3041 1920

We are a fully trained team of specialists with knowledge about current health regulations regarding commercial kitchen cleanliness. We will make sure you are ready for that inspection.

professional housekeeping serviceMost people do not have the time and will power to spend a few hours scrubbing away at the dirt and mess that accumulates in a frequently used kitchen on regular basis. Restaurant owners no doubt want to ensure the food is of the highest quality, germ-free and safe from mould and other growths that can sprout out in dirty kitchens. Call on us and we will take care of all your worries. You will no longer have to think about potential health issues due to a neglected kitchen. Regain your peace of mind. Contact us today and get set up for a meeting. Our prices cannot be beaten, so don’t hesitate a minute longer!

We are aware and respectful to the natural environment, which is why we choose to use natural solutions for our cleaning methods. For customers that have health issues we will also provide individual solutions to make the cleaning as safe as possible. We aim to meet the highest expectations and guarantee complete satisfaction.

Our firm has been operating and satisfying customers in the Brisbane area for years with our top-notch house cleaning services. Count on us to get the job done right!

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