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domestic house cleaning brisbaneHouse Cleaning Brisbane is a full-service house cleaning company offering a range of expert cleaning throughout the Brisbane metropolitan area. We are bonded and insured cleaning professionals offering a range of cleaning services including spring cleaning and kitchen cleaning.

House Cleaning Brisbane maintains state of the art equipment and supplies for all of our cleaning personnel. We train our cleaning crews beyond the industry requirements and promote from within to offer loyal employees a viable career path. We test new equipment and products constantly in our labs and provide our crews with only the most effective, earth friendly cleaning products and top of the line equipment. Our teams of highly efficient cleaners will get your home “white glove test” clean; exactly what you should get when you hire professional cleaners.

Hotline: (07) 3041 1920

To take advantage of our years of experience, cutting edge equipment, education, and techniques, as well as earth friendly products simply call (07) 3041 1920, we are here for you. If you need regular house cleaning services on a daily or weekly basis, House Cleaning Brisbane is the best value for your dollar in the entire Brisbane metropolitan area. (Voted NUMBER ONE by customer survey.)

professional housekeeping serviceHouse Cleaning Brisbane uses deep cleaning methods that will guarantee that every surface in your home will be sanitized. You will find all of the employees including the cleaning crews are courteous and frankly, HAPPY. Besides providing a career path for entry level workers, we have education grants, childcare allowances, shift differentials, job sharing and flexible scheduling. Our rate of employee turnover is the lowest in the industry nationwide. All new hires are fully vetted with rigorous background investigation into criminal, driving and financial history. Every employee from the top management to the lab technicians and cleaning personnel is fully bonded and insured to protect your family, privacy and valuables.

House Cleaning Brisbane guarantee that the final bill will not exceed the walk-through quoted cost. No surprises! No fine print! No kidding! These are just a few of the reasons that House Cleaning Brisbane was voted the best house cleaning company in the region.

How We Clean Your Home

Below is an example of a cleaning checklist our crews would typically work with, checklists will vary with the differences in home design and construction.

Bedrooms and Common Areas:
• Vacuum all rugs and carpets in every room
• Hard floors are vacuumed, mopped and dried
• Dusting is done with a damp cloth on flat surfaces
• Picture Frames and Knickknacks are handled with care as they are dusted
• All indoor cobwebs are removed

Hotline: (07) 3041 1920

happy woman cleaning• Tile walls and shower doors are cleaned and sanitized
• Tubs and showers will be cleaned, deodorized and sanitized
• Toilet bowls, seats and surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned, and sanitized
• Counter tops and sinks will completely cleaned and sanitized
• Cobwebs will be taken down
• Mirror and Chrome surfaces will be cleaned and polished
• Window ledges, pictures, and other surfaces will be dusted
• Fronts of drawers and cabinets will be washed
• Bathroom floor will be vacuumed, mopped and sanitized

• Kitchen sinks are cleaned sanitized and polished
• Top and outside of refrigerator cleaned and sanitized (if accessible)
• Clean and sanitize all counter tops
• Clean all counter top appliances
• Scrub drip pans
• Remove all cobwebs
• Cabinet and drawer faces will be cleaned
• The accessible outsides of appliances will be cleaned
• Degrease and clean the range hood
• Dusting as appropriate
• Tables and chairs cleaned and sanitized
• Trash and debris will be removed

House Cleaning Brisbane offers state of the art housekeeping services, using earth friendly effective cleaning and sanitizing products to our customers. Our scientifically researched methods, professional teams and cutting edge equipment can clean your home thoroughly from attic to basement. Whether you have a one-time job to get done or you need daily help for housekeeping we can do the job in your time frame. If you would like to schedule a walk through quote, or just have questions, call us today!

Hotline: (07) 3041 1920

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