How Much Does Your Cleaning Cost?

cleaning costIf you have ever looked into home cleaning services before, you most probably know how time consuming and inaccurate over the phone cleaning cost estimations can be. Each home is unique and requires different services.

At House Cleaning Brisbane, we offer professional services at great prices. Call one of our experts today. We provide our clients with straightforward quotes with additional surprise fees later on. We have been building our reputation as the top house cleaning service provider if the Brisbane area for years and continue to do today, with our professional approach and unbeatable service quality.

Two types of quotes are available to our clients. We can provide our client with a quote over the phone. When more specific services are required we pay are clients a visit and then offer a walk-through quote.

fixed price guaranteeBasic House Cleaning Package:

• Inside window cleaning
• Appliance maintenance
• Dusting
• Floor washing
• Vacuum cleaning
• Bathroom device cleaning
• Prices depend on size and number of windows, etc.

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We offer discounts for clients interested in extensive cleaning services.

If your home requires more than a standard cleaning, as well as minor repairs, we suggest a walk-through quote. A careful inspection of your home and discussion regarding the required repairs and special cleaning help our team of workers to accurately determine the service fee.

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Additional Service Add-ins:

• Carpet Stream Treatment
• Curtain Cleaning
• Light Cleaning
• Outdoor Window Washing
• Walkway Cleaning
• Outdoor Oil Stain Removal

Apart from standard cleaning services, House Cleaning Brisbane also provides minor repair services. In case we are not able to take on your repairs personally, we will recommend trusted professionals that will get the job done at the best price possible. Count on us to provide you with the best solutions.

house cleaning services melbourneRepairs House Cleaning Brisbane Performs Regularly:

• Paint Jobs
• Pest Elimination
• Drywall Fixing
• Mold Removal
• Odor Elimination
• Switch Plate Replacement

House Cleaning Brisbane has years of experience in client service. For over 25 years we have provided clients with top quality cleaning services and we strive to constantly expand our offer. After starting off as a business dedicated strictly to commercial clients, we have widened our client base to private homeowners as well as tenants. We know what landlords and potential buyers want and expect. We do everything possible to meet the highest standards and conduct every cleaning job professionally and thoroughly. Whether you are looking into sell or rent your home or apartment, or wish to get damage deposit money back, we are here to help you. Call us now.

Hotline: (07) 3041 1920

Our company is trustworthy and loyal. We offer you only the best quality services. All of our cleaners are skilled, dedicated workers. In order to ensure your utmost safety, we conduct extensive background checks on future employees.

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